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Old mattresses. Dead grills. furniture. Scrap lumber. Blown speakers. No matter what is cluttering up your home, driveway, basement, backyard, or attic, 911 Junk California is on a mission to remove and thoughtfully dispose of it. Our big truck carries the equivalent of six pickup truck loads, and our hardworking, friendly team is excited to return breathing room to your property. Schedule your junk removal today!

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Give us a call or simply book your appointment online. Select the day and time that is best for you and we will show up! If you have questions, we have answers.


All our appointments are scheduled for a 2-hour window. We will provide a courtesy call when we are on our way! So no surprises.


Simply show us your Junk and we'll provide you an obligation free quote! As soon as you give us the thumbs up. We'll rid you of your junk and leave you with a smile.


We'll go far, deep and in between to clean your junk. You can say, we don't mind getting dirty.


Not only will we do a good job removing your junk but we will also sweep the area once we're done.


Rewarding us for a job well done is quick and easy! Simply pay with card or cash and we'll leave you while you applaud 911 Junk California!

Each of our trucks can hold the equivalent of SIX pickup truck loads!

Each of our trucks can hold the equivalent of SIX pickup truck loads!


  • 1/8 Load - $175
  • 1/4 Load - $255
  • 3/8 Load - $305
  • 1/2 Load - $355
  • 5/8 Load - $405
  • 3/4 Load - $455
  • 7/8 Load - $505
  • Full Load - $555

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We’re passionate about making life convenient for our clients. Learn how easy it is to hire us to make the clutter on your property disappear!


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We’re more than your average junk haulers. Learn more about our heart for customer service and environmentally conscious methods.


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Junk removal is about more than grabbing stuff and hauling it away in a truck. It’s about where the stuff ultimately goes — recycling, landfill, or somewhere else. When you choose 911 Junk California, you get a licensed, insured team with connections throughout the disposal community. We know how to sort and dispose of items of all shapes and sizes so you don’t have to worry about it. You can depend on us to respect your time, leave your property better than we found it, and go the extra distance to ensure each object is disposed of correctly.