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Common Office Items We Take:



Perhaps the most ubiquitous piece of office furniture around, desks are an integral part of any workspace. At 911 Junk California, our team can quickly and efficiently remove old desks from your office space. Whether you have traditional sitting desks, standing desks, or full-on cubicles, we can haul it away at an affordable price. Give us a call today to ask specific questions about removing unwanted desks from your space.



Some say sitting is the new smoking. At 911 Junk California, we aren’t doctors, so we aren’t sure if that is true. Regardless, our team can haul away old office chairs when you buy new furniture for your expanding company or switch to standing desks to improve productivity. We will remove your old chairs, load them into our junk hauling truck, and take them away for an affordable price.



The team at 911 Junk California can remove old tables from your office space, too. Whether they were used for meetings, break rooms, or just as storage space, we can haul away your unwanted tables and ensure they are disposed of properly. Our team prides itself on working efficiently and affordably.


Filing Cabinets

As companies begin to switch to digital storage systems, many filing cabinets are beginning to get used less and less. Now, filing cabinets often store important copies of documents, company history, random papers, and even snacks. If you want to get rid of your filing cabinets to save space in your office, then contact 911 Junk California. We will haul your cabinets away at an affordable price.



Many companies in Orange County became reliant on computers quite a few years ago, which means there might be some old computer equipment wasting away in your office. Free up space and have the team at 911 Junk California haul all that computer junk away! We are committed to recycling things that can be recycled, so you can rest assured that your old computers will be disposed of in a proper manner.



Some companies utilize couches and other random furniture in their waiting rooms, break areas, and as random additions to the office. We mainly include it on this list to let you know that we can haul away almost any of the old junk and furniture lying around your office. If you have questions about a specific piece of office furniture, then be sure to give us a call!


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Use 911 Junk California to Get Rid of Unneeded Office Furniture

Is your company moving to a new location? Are you upgrading the furniture and equipment in your office? If so, you probably have unneeded furniture that you don’t want to move taking up space in your office. Get rid of it quickly, affordably, and sustainably by calling 911 Junk California. We can work around your schedule and ensure that your junk gets hauled away properly.

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